Thanksgiving Photo Contest 2020

A Wooden Whale table styled in a customer's home with contest text.

Enter to win a $100 Target Gift Card!

Just send us a photo of your Wooden Whale Piece(s).

Even if you already sent us a photo in the past, send us another!!

We always say we have the best customers because we truly do!

We couldn’t do it without you - our shop photos can’t compare to the pieces in your homes.

Send us photos of any and all pieces we have made for you.

And we will enter you into our drawing!

A Winner will be randomly chosen Monday, December 7, 2020.

Text your photos to 724-841-9043, email us or add your photo in the comments on Facebook or Instagram!!

Thank you!

We can’t wait to add some more photos to the gallery and send someone a littler extra Christmas! 🎄 💰

Don’t have your table yet? No worries! More contests are coming your way!


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