About Us

 Meet the Wynkoops


Growing up, my grandfather, Lew Coller, had a woodworking shop that everyone loved. My brother, Gregory Wynkoop, transformed that shop into the Wooden Whale Workshop. Through their efforts, Wooden Whale Workshop is completing many families' homes with the furniture that we build on a daily basis.


Some of my favorite memories growing up were made around our dining table. Sitting around the dining table was a tradition that was passed down from my great grandmother, Barb Summerville. My children, her great-great grandchildren, continue to make memories around it today.


It is such a blessing to help our customers design custom tables for their homes that will last for generations with many wonderful memories being made.

We are are small family owned business near Pittsburgh, PA and buy our wood and other products from other small local businesses.

Each item we make is hand crafted for you! A lot of customers send us photos of their kitchens, send us inspirational photos of tables they like and we work together to customize their product. There are so many choices, so even if you are just thinking about getting a table or a quote on another custom piece, feel free to click on the chat with us  so we can see what you are looking for.

So many of our customers show us our furniture in their houses and we love it! We love the photos and we sincerely appreciate our customers sharing with us!

We are excited and we cannot wait to make so many more of you happy and get to know you and see how creative and crafty you are with your tables and dining rooms and other wood products in your home.

  • We build all of our tables out of solid wood. We get our wood from hardworking local family owned sawmills.
  • We custom build each order (unless listed as "ready to ship").  The main factors that affect the price of each table are the size and the leg style.  
  • Contact us and we can send out a custom order worksheet to work out the details of your order and build something just for you. We offer placing a $100 deposit and the rest when your item(s) are complete. You can also send us a message prior to placing your order and I can help you design a custom table for your home. Feel free to send inspirational photos, even if it is a style you don't see our website, we may still be able to make it for you.
  • Check out our READY TO SHIP section to see tables that are already made and ready to ship out right away.
  • We welcome customers to stop by our workshop to discuss custom orders and to check out tables we have in progress at the moment. We also periodically host Open Houses/Pop Up Shops at our workshop. Contact us to set up an appointment or to find out about our next Open House/Pop Up. 
  • We always welcome new challenges so even if you don't see a style you have in mind, feel free to send pictures and request something custom.
  • Because we custom build each order and because we always have a wait list, our usual turnaround time is around 6-8 weeks. This can vary depending on how many orders we have at any given time. If you have a specific deadline, please contact us to see if we can make it work.

The Wooden Whale Expands with an outdoor collection!

Meet the Bothell's

Small businesses require all hands on deck!

In small businesses, paychecks are worked for! Finding a partner that's the perfect match is one in a million and we lucked out here! After Brad Wynkoop (Koop) broke both his legs, Brad Bothell (Bothell) filled in seamlessly. They were impossible shoes to fill and Bothell filled those shoes without missing a beat.

While Koop was off, Bothell oversaw the day to day operations and love The Wooden Whale even more! Jumping into working at The Wooden Whale has solidified the previous years's plan of going into business together. Bothell left his job in corporate America after 14 years. This opportunity has allowed him to follow in his father's footsteps, as a small business owner. His father owned and operated Bothell Plastering for 50+ years. Bothell leads the outdoor collection for The Wooden Whale Workshop.

As a small business owner, his drive and dedication add to the authenticity and heirloom pieces that The Wooden Whale offers (indoor and out). Through this expansion, Bothell has become an amazing partner and is a huge asset. Both Brads love working with customers to create the perfect pieces for their homes and delivering the custom pieces for families to enjoy many wonderful memories around.

Bothell and Koop were able to engineer our outdoor poly wood furniture collection over the past year to create pieces that are unique and completely custom. We're excited to announce that we are able to offer one of a kind outdoor furniture that is absolutely beautiful, sturdy, and will last for generations to come.