About Us

We started this business by accident basically. One day near the end of July 2014, Greg randomly came home with a TRAILER FULL of old barn wood. He had bought it from someone at work with no plans for it. Just because he loves old wood. So I got to work doing what I love- looking at Pinterest for hours ;) And I realized that I REALLY wanted him to build me a farmhouse table for our dining room. So he did. And he didn't like it. He didn't think anyone would like it.

But he doesn't spend hours looking at Pinterest so obviously he has no idea what everyone likes. I loved it and told him lots of people would.

He didn't believe me so I bet him that I could sell it. I posted it on facebook and on craigslist. Then we left for vacation. While siting on the beach, I got SO MANY responses from people wanting to buy the table! We sold the first one and made plans to make more when we got back. When the orders kept piling up, we started to realize that we could make this into a legitimate business. And as Greg kept working on his technique, he started to really like the tables too- and had to admit that I was right and a genius. ;) From August to December we sold 54 tables. We are extremely grateful for every single customer and so excited to see what this year brings.

And even though he'll never see this because he is a caveman and hates technology, I just want to thank my husband. He is the hardest working man I have ever met in my life. His "day job" is that of a section foreman in a coal mine. He gets up at 4am and works that grueling job for 12+ hours and then goes to our workshop and works for a few more hours until it's about time for bed. He is a machine. I am very hopeful that our business will keep expanding and get to the point where we can hire more help and he can take a little break.