About our Process



*We build all of our tables out of good, solid wood. We offer the choice of reclaimed or non-reclaimed wood.  We get most of our reclaimed wood from beautiful old barns around Western PA. We get our non-reclaimed wood from hardworking local sawmills.
*We custom build each order (unless listed as "ready to ship").  The main factors that affect the price of each table are the size and the leg style.  Once you have those decided on, you can place your order.  After that, we send out a design questionnaire to work out the other details of your order and build something just for you.
*It's sometimes too hard to keep up with the READY TO SHIP section on here, but you can always see what we have available currently by looking at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1567165639992178.1073741843.749631028412314&type=1&l=3e187c86d6
*We welcome customers to stop by our workshop to discuss custom orders and to check out tables we have in progress at the moment. We also periodically host Open Houses/Pop Up Shops at our workshop. Contact us to set up an appointment or to find out about our next Open House/Pop Up. 
*We always welcome new challenges so even if you don't see a style you have in mind, feel free to send pictures and request something custom.
*Because we custom build each order and because we always have a wait list, our usual turnaround time is around 8 weeks.  If you have a specific deadline, please contact us to see if we can make it work.