Fancy X Outdoor Dining Table

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Our outdoor furniture is made of poly, poly  is made from recycled plastics and is recyclable itself.


  • UV and all weather resistant ( your furniture will not change color, crack, peel, fade or rot) 
  • At the beginning of the season wiping down your furniture with soap and water will do the trick!
  • There is no maintenance, our poly outdoor furniture is all weather, poly is made to withstand all four seasons. It does not need to be covered or brought indoors for the winter months. 
  • Our poly furniture is built to last. With the life expectancy of poly to be 20 years. Poly lumber is exceptionally durable.
  • Our outdoor products are built with stainless steel screws/hardware. ( no one wants rust spots on a new patio, not worth the risk, buy quality furniture built to last for your outdoor space, you’ve invested to much money into your outdoor oasis to be left with rust marks from cheap furniture)